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Elevate your Go-to-Market Strategy with AI

Petavue delivers 10X faster & powerful insights & recommendations than Salesforce & Tableau, empowering your Go-to-Market teams for smarter daily decisions.

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Built by ex-ZoomInfo Executives
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Built for enterprise with focus on finer controls

At Petavue, we recognize the intricate dynamics of enterprise teams and their varied requirements. We cultivate trust by facilitating alignment on shared metrics among your sales, marketing, and customer experience teams through our extensive no-code customization solutions.

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Glean signals from 1st & 3rd-party data across your enterprise stack & beyond
  • Extract signals like buyer sentiment, buyer intent, competitor mentions, product usage, website visits & more.
  • Consume and analyze diverse data formats like tabular, transcripts, documents, & more.
  • Easily integrate with 100+ GTM tools across 15+ categories including CRM, Marketing, Social, Finance, Billing, & more.
  • Alternatively, link to warehouses like Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, SingleStore, & others.
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Refine your strategy iteratively with our Unified Insights Console

Conduct Win-Loss Analysis, Pipeline Analysis, Churn Analysis, Cohort Analysis, Expansion Analysis & more in minutes. Monitor sales pipeline health, identify deal blockers & pain points, assess team performance, & drive revenue growth through informed decision-making.

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The Team

Built by engineering leaders with deep GTM understanding
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Prasanna V.CEO
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Jeyaraj V.CTO
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Ijas A.CPO
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Prasanna, Jeyaraj and Ijas built (a B2B Conversational Marketing Platform) and exited to ZoomInfo where they acquired a deep understanding of the needs of GTM teams.

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Supported by a team with 50+ years of GTM experience

Petavue logo is led by a core team of GTM operators with experience working in eminent companies including:

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